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  • Submitted by lalapalooza on Nov 7, 10 at 5:14pm

    That's just disgusting.

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    Submitted by cfreymarc on Nov 7, 10 at 10:55pm

    Thinking ahead. A sign of alcoholism. But still thinking ahead.

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    Submitted by dread_heaf on Nov 8, 10 at 11:05am

    Why would u even have one of those

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    Submitted by taylortunetracy on Nov 7, 10 at 5:05pm

    Shouldn't it be a barf bucket? A barf blanket just seems unconventional..unless it's a barf tarp

  • Submitted by Valkyrie on Nov 8, 10 at 8:47am

    Im not into vomit humor but I find the phrase "barf tarp" amusing.

  • Submitted by ttesroD on Nov 8, 10 at 1:13am

    What kind of fucked up situation could you possibly get yourself into that requires the use of an entire blanket for vomit and do I really want to get an answer?