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  • Submitted by gtfo_asshats on Nov 7, 10 at 2:15pm

    I'm sort of reading this text as, "I dunno if we should get high tonight, man. I'm already high." Because I would love time travel, high or not.

  • Submitted by Valkyrie on Nov 7, 10 at 3:44pm

    "Springing forward" is a more strange concept to me then "falling back"...

  • Submitted by OneHottMess on Nov 7, 10 at 7:00pm

    riiight! the whole thing is trippy as hell!!!!

  • Submitted by bankdis on Nov 7, 10 at 10:48pm

    This statement is full of all sorts of win

  • Submitted by Taipan on Nov 7, 10 at 2:09pm

    Silly stoner.

  • Submitted by gingy36 on Nov 20, 10 at 10:44pm

    think your high now man

  • Submitted by Jelli on Nov 7, 10 at 2:37pm

    Lol daylight savings is a trippy concept

  • Submitted by ILoveThisShit27 on Nov 11, 10 at 10:45pm

    I got high during daylight savings.\nI stared at the clock waiting for it to turn, got bored, smoked some more, then flipped a shit when I realized it went from being 1:32 to 1:03...

  • Submitted by LuviinPiink09 on Nov 8, 10 at 2:44am

    Lmao so true. Only one that is already high would consider daylight savings time travel!!

  • Submitted by hannahcowgirl on Nov 8, 10 at 1:29am

    This text is just such a win.

  • Submitted by westgmary on Nov 8, 10 at 2:39pm

    I was so high and trying to figure the time difference out that I had a panic attack and started crying. Scary shit

  • Submitted by drunjk on Nov 7, 10 at 6:00pm

    i'm dtf

  • Submitted by khaoticvayne on Jan 23, 12 at 10:25pm

    Time travel is always fun no matter pre existing condition you may be suffering from

  • Submitted by thalastcowboy on Dec 1, 10 at 1:59pm

    He's obviously an ameture stoner. Weed doesn't induce time travel, he'd have to be smokeing peyote or LSD :)

  • Submitted by Reikage_Sanshi on Dec 3, 10 at 3:04am

    Guess his body is still recovering from the last short time traveling trip.

  • Submitted by boxergirl09 on Nov 30, 10 at 3:30pm

    Love it!!!!! cuz it is totally tru haha