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  • Submitted by dadx2 on Oct 28, 10 at 4:30pm

    Usually you have to pay extra for that...

  • Submitted by Phys on Oct 28, 10 at 3:59pm

    I'm with (704), it's a valid question

  • Submitted by Taipan on Oct 28, 10 at 8:31pm

    You, miss, are the opposite of class.

  • Submitted by gutteralslam on Oct 28, 10 at 2:43pm

    If you blacked out, how so you know what happened?

    • Submitted by mcwildcat8230 on Oct 28, 10 at 3:54pm

      Becuase she has to wake up eventually and being covering in pee and puke doesnt take a fucking genius

    • Submitted by 1werty12 on Oct 29, 10 at 8:51am

      She probably got the recap of the night's festivities from an eyewitness. Presumably Mr Peebody who was gettting the handy. BTW id like to thank her for keeping that old favorite going. Good for you!

  • Submitted by IhateFrance on Oct 31, 10 at 11:16pm

    Ya (704) reppen my area code

  • Submitted by urallstupid on Oct 28, 10 at 6:54pm

    Ive been to a lot of parties in my life and saw many many MANY drunk people, but I have never seen someone piss their pants. Are people becoming dumber nowadays?

    • Submitted by bluegirl25 on Oct 28, 10 at 9:17pm

      It’s degenerative. It begins with shortening words to single letters such as “you are” to “ur"

    • Submitted by shmoog26 on Oct 29, 10 at 12:12am

      it's not a matter of being dumb- it's a matter of being very drunk and drinking a lot of water so as not to be hungover. For a name like urallstupid, you are not too bright.

  • Submitted by Voice22 on Oct 29, 10 at 2:17pm

    it scares me that alot of my friends are in these 2 area codes and they talk liek this. ...Cassie?

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    Submitted by epaulk0 on May 4, 11 at 2:42am

    14?... Giggity

  • Submitted by Michguy on Oct 29, 10 at 7:40am

    I've seen a girl piss her pants at a concert, on the lawn, wasted, white pants. Ugly to see. Her friends were mad about putting her in the car afterwards.

  • Submitted by mdguy301 on Oct 29, 10 at 1:41am

    My area code! And ppl do still do it. my ex gf didn't give head so she just gave handjobs =/

  • Submitted by renagage on Oct 28, 10 at 3:44pm

    What a slut

  • Submitted by j0dub on Oct 28, 10 at 1:30pm


  • Submitted by DerKarismatisch on Jul 12, 12 at 4:02pm

    You give handjobs when you want to get some creepy guy off so he'll leave you alone, when you don't want to have sex with a guy but would feel bad if he didn't at least get off tonight, and when you know that he hasn't washed recently.