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  • Submitted by Bloodknight on Oct 24, 10 at 2:53pm

    In all honestly, that's sounds pretty freakin' AWESOME!

  • Submitted by ttesroD on Oct 26, 10 at 3:04am

    Somebody's Porkin'

  • Submitted by niceman on Oct 25, 10 at 10:13am

    Girls who watch porn will always be hot and sexy

  • Submitted by dersabom on Oct 24, 10 at 8:59pm

    Ull get burnin grease on ur bare balls

  • Submitted by dersabom on Oct 24, 10 at 9:01pm

    Burning grease on ur balls= bad

  • Submitted by Valkyrie on Oct 25, 10 at 9:53am

    So ladies, do we need to start a club? The Womens Porn and Bacon Society? No t shirts... maybe pasties...or printed nipple tape.

  • Submitted by jennyftb on Oct 25, 10 at 3:17am

    beaten meat and sizzling pork... hot damn, sign me up!

  • Submitted by ChugThatMalibu on Oct 24, 10 at 6:19pm

    This'll be the story of my guy's life when we move in together. Oh yeah, be jealous.

    • Submitted by colabea on Oct 25, 10 at 2:02am

      I would like to retract my previous statement about your name. any girl who likes bacon AND porn is a friend of mine. we may be soul sisters even

  • Submitted by flarm on Oct 24, 10 at 9:18pm

    Hehe giggidy

  • Submitted by jensterx3 on Oct 24, 10 at 3:23pm

    I wish this was my typical morning ):

  • Submitted by starfish_ourfish on Oct 30, 10 at 1:22am

    my new roommate needs to read this and she needs to heed this. Best Roomie EVER!!!