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  • The one with one of her balls showing

    Submitted by said8ED on Oct 20, 10 at 12:00pm
  • swimsuits should come in maximum weights limits, not just sizes.

    Submitted by jennyftb on Oct 20, 10 at 9:25am
  • I agree with jenny. They should also make them go through an application process for a bikini, thong, etc

    Submitted by Infamous69 on Oct 20, 10 at 12:49pm
  • The hottest one--she should be naked

    Submitted by niceman on Oct 20, 10 at 5:56pm
  • Easy... The fat one

    Submitted by vermonter on Oct 20, 10 at 10:12am
  • some people aren't self conscious and judgemental and express their right. To wear what they please. You don't have to look.

    Submitted by BeautyOutlaw on Oct 20, 10 at 10:41pm
  • Very good party crowd visual aid!

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Oct 20, 10 at 11:43am
  • the burn victim?

    Submitted by reply_ on Oct 20, 10 at 11:20am
    • You're a horrible fucking person. But so am I because I laughed hysterically at this shit!

      Submitted by ttesroD on Oct 22, 10 at 9:26pm