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  • Advice for life: when you're lost and need a ride, don't tell them you are on the corner of "walk and don't walk"

    Submitted by nbj777 on Oct 2, 10 at 10:27pm
  • Not putting yourself in a position to get your beer taken by a cop is probably even better advice

    Submitted by calixdude4life on Oct 2, 10 at 4:37pm
  • F u c k the popo. Just kidding. They enslave and protect us. Wait that's serve and profit? Protect and serve. Love cops;)

    Submitted by TiCkLe_Me_EmO on Oct 2, 10 at 9:40pm
  • Coozies are not a crime.

    Submitted by freckleface on Oct 3, 10 at 12:22am
  • Total frat move

    Submitted by jander94 on Oct 3, 10 at 9:52am
  • jaydoh- it's pretty fuckin hilarious that you're tellin ME not to correct spelling, yet turnin around and correcting mine! thanks for wasting 60 seconds of my life. kill yourself asshole.

    Submitted by dopegirlfreshhh on Oct 3, 10 at 9:41pm
  • They definitely make coozies for deuce deuces. You obviously haven't lived life.

    Submitted by 919heez on Oct 11, 10 at 1:14am
  • howd the cop know it was a beer if there was a coozy over it? as a fellow west chester kid im disappointed.

    Submitted by pwndbyJIMbone on Oct 3, 10 at 4:11am
  • This is fake they don't make coozys big enough for tallboys

    Submitted by tommysalami on Oct 3, 10 at 7:49am
  • To tommysalami: they do make them tall enough for tallboys. I own one from Colorado.

    Submitted by jcarbert on Jun 2, 11 at 1:39am
  • Firsties

    Submitted by trueblonde3_16 on Oct 2, 10 at 4:36pm
  • cozzy dickhead

    Submitted by dopegirlfreshhh on Oct 2, 10 at 11:24pm
    • It's "cozy" and if you're going to be a grammar cop at least spell the word you're trying to correct, correctly. OK? Thanks.\nBTW - this is a site about "stupid text messages" take your spell checkin' ass elsewhere. Thanks again :)

      Submitted by JayDoh on Oct 3, 10 at 6:49am