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  • The hangovers hurt more than they used to.

    Submitted by dumsumbitch on Sep 18, 10 at 9:11am
  • The fact that OP's friend is by proxy admitting s/he will be going to a Sheryl Crow concert pretty much ensures they will be pathetic anyway, so entire point is moot.

    Submitted by regalbeagle on Sep 18, 10 at 9:18am
  • nice

    Submitted by bridgestone66 on Sep 18, 10 at 9:03am
  • Your perception of "pathetic" will change by the time you're 30...and if it doesn't, that's saying something too.

    Submitted by Siddahleigh on Sep 18, 10 at 9:10am
  • can we please not be like these pathetic people in their thirties who can't spell sheryl crow's name correctly?

    Submitted by TheNewGuy03 on Sep 19, 10 at 8:22am
  • At least those of us in our 30's can spell words larger than "Crow". When in doubt, look at the ticket for proper spelling!

    Submitted by l8trgal on Sep 18, 10 at 9:42am
  • When you get older you relize beer is not what you want, but hard ass Jack daniels or some Jagermeisters

    Submitted by FUCKsovietRUSHA on Sep 18, 10 at 9:48am
  • Why would you want beer in the first place? Tastes like piss. Go for whiskey and tequila.

    Submitted by Cthulhu on Sep 18, 10 at 11:45am