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  • Submitted by ur_a_towel on Sep 11, 10 at 12:21pm

    holy shit! a text on here where someone actually feels guilty. I feel a little more hopeful about our generation

  • Submitted by Thrax on Sep 11, 10 at 11:22am

    She slept with you too. It's officially her problem now

  • Submitted by jbwarner86 on Sep 11, 10 at 11:35am

    At least you're the remorseful one.

  • Submitted by blackhalfrican on Sep 11, 10 at 12:08pm

    Then simply hit it and quit it. DO NOT stay and play

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    Submitted by CheezeDetector on Sep 11, 10 at 3:31pm

    Try focusing on detting your balls as her iPhone wallpaper

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    Submitted by fogitnozzel on Sep 11, 10 at 11:21am

    Its te worst thing he's done because he's the other's really obvious

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    Submitted by mcloven on Sep 12, 10 at 4:49am

    Shit happens !!!

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    Submitted by BondDaddy on Sep 11, 10 at 12:16pm

    If that's the worst thing you've, I think your gonna be just fine. Did you spit on that thing?

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    Submitted by oopackmanoo on Sep 11, 10 at 10:32pm

    Well u don't exactly trip and fall into it. It takes two to tango.

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    Submitted by ckurt25 on Sep 11, 10 at 1:29pm

    No, it's not a guy... It's a girl. Guys wouldn't say sleeping with a girl is the worst thing they've ever done. It has to be a girl that is sleeping with another girl.

  • Submitted by back_tuck on Sep 11, 10 at 11:17am


  • Submitted by whisht on Sep 11, 10 at 12:12pm

    Was she hot? Fuck it you don't know him!

  • Submitted by bubsandwine on Sep 11, 10 at 11:19am

    I don't get it

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    Submitted by notTexan on Sep 12, 10 at 2:00am

    He boyfriend must be from Texas.

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    Submitted by bellisssima on Sep 11, 10 at 11:33am

    Oh well.

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Sep 11, 10 at 11:19am

    I did the same damn thing- except her boyfriend is my room mate!