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  • finally getting used?? wtf!? were you hoping to be able to use for its real purpose sometime soon?

    Submitted by K66Aggression on Aug 20, 10 at 11:49am
  • Maybe it's the movies I watch, but isn't a rapist's first move to cover the girl's mouth from screaming? How would a whistle be effective in this scenario?

    Submitted by stevebauer on Aug 20, 10 at 12:58pm
  • Well when you don't ever say "no" you can never really be raped now can you??? No wonder it never gets used.

    Submitted by rexygirl10 on Aug 20, 10 at 12:11pm
  • It's funny how the sales of r@pe whistles varies directly with rate of r@pes. So if your selling them, you want r@pe!!

    Submitted by TheRuleBook on Aug 20, 10 at 10:54am
  • Woww.

    Submitted by brittlolz on Aug 20, 10 at 10:35am
  • Fyi. You can open a bottle with a semi auto pistol as well

    Submitted by beezil on Aug 21, 10 at 9:10am
  • if the company that sold r@pe whistles made an effective product, wouldn't they go out of business?

    Submitted by StonedKoala on Aug 20, 10 at 10:55am
  • how blanked up is it that you WANT to be able to use your r___ whistle? blank that. Be glad you aren't one of the 1 in 6 women who is sexually assaulted in her lifetime (or 1 in 33 men).

    Submitted by Erav on Aug 20, 10 at 10:43am
  • Sad how stupid you are- good luck getting raped if that's what u want- I wish u well!!!

    Submitted by mintyshake on Aug 20, 10 at 6:17pm
  • R@pe whistle?... That's a good th-\nWho am I kidding that's creepy

    Submitted by prometheus on Aug 21, 10 at 1:27am
  • Well I think that the person who invented the r@pe whistle wants r@pe rates to go down but also wants it to happen so their product will still be sold!

    Submitted by skatergirl on Aug 21, 10 at 11:10pm