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  • Submitted by CynicalWit on Aug 8, 10 at 8:01am

    How Many did he cheat with? Fore?

  • Submitted by big_dubya56 on Aug 8, 10 at 10:23am

    Oh you didn't hear? His name is now cheetah woods.

  • Submitted by katie_davis on Aug 8, 10 at 7:38pm

    I love this cuz I just found out my boyfriend of almost four years cheated on me with a best friend of mine. And this made me laugh for the first time in a few days.

  • Submitted by caretaker22 on Aug 8, 10 at 11:17am

    Even when your wife is hot, marriage is castration by 10,000 paper cuts. I applaud Tiger's leadership on this issue.

  • Submitted by canonymous on Aug 8, 10 at 7:10am

    if you really want it to be that 'good' just hope that the girl whom he cheated with isn't as hot as tiger's wife/ex-wife.

  • Submitted by oliviadelis on Aug 8, 10 at 8:53am

    U go girl !

  • Submitted by TheRuleBook on Aug 8, 10 at 8:21am

    Rule 645: If he cheated on you, obviously his life is better now because your gone. No exceptions.

  • Submitted by jprincess on Aug 8, 10 at 8:30am

    Yea baby! Payback's a bitch

  • Submitted by stevengators on Aug 8, 10 at 10:18am

    Tigers golf game isn't that good now

  • Submitted by AlwaysAllNighter on Aug 8, 10 at 9:38am

    No, seven.

  • Submitted by derbygurl on Aug 8, 10 at 11:54am

    I feel the same way bout the ass who cheated on me

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      Submitted by spazwell69 on Aug 9, 10 at 2:34pm

      I would have cheated on you.

  • Submitted by whiteknave on Aug 8, 10 at 10:04am

    Wow... that's harsh.

  • Submitted by ilovewhores on Aug 9, 10 at 2:10am

    a woman's life is love, a man's love is life. if you're gonna cheat man up and end it

  • Submitted by spinnur on Aug 8, 10 at 10:50pm

    I doubt any of you could play near his calibur. Another stellar athlete thrown under the bus because he cant keep his dick in his pants

  • Submitted by GodLee333 on Aug 8, 10 at 10:59am

    Tiger's golf game is still pretty awesome, so qq

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    Submitted by ToastyTheBeast on Apr 13, 11 at 12:08am

    I agree with this text. What goes around comes around and no the slut wasn't hotter then me. Js