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  • Submitted by anonmyous on Jul 11, 10 at 12:11pm


  • Submitted by bjaclol on Jul 14, 10 at 5:28am

    Fuck that guy and his grammar Nazi habits

  • Submitted by gtfo_asshats on Jul 11, 10 at 12:14pm

    Bob Saget's. He's been telling you some story about your mom for five years.

  • Submitted by ccbangbang on Jul 11, 10 at 1:36pm

    Ha. I've gotten this text three times. You're at Dennis dibellas.

  • Submitted by lIlIlIlI on Jul 11, 10 at 11:44pm

    That one show with the clown chick's house .. run .

  • Submitted by Rosamondmoonpie on Jul 11, 10 at 2:39pm

    My couch is empty.. So.. Not here dude.

  • Submitted by XJasperStudentX on Jul 12, 10 at 12:57am

    Your in my house

  • Submitted by wutevaaaaa on Jul 12, 10 at 10:27pm

    this has happened to me numerous times. always fun, in a terrifying way