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  • Here is what I worked out as the perfect system: set alarm for morning an hour before you want to wake up, take 30 mg extended release, go back to sleep, and then be wide awake an hour later. thus eliminating the need to snort and ruin your nose for when you grow up and move on to coke!

    Submitted by ontheroad123 on Jun 30, 10 at 12:22pm
  • Shit... Take the adderall orally And snort xanax instead!

    Submitted by 2Random4U on Jun 30, 10 at 1:06pm
  • I dont understand this. Why would you want to fuck up your nasal passages for no reason? Is it really that serious that you cant wait 20 minutes for it to take effect by taking it orally?

    Submitted by pawes on Jun 30, 10 at 11:39am
  • adderall is for pussssssys

    Submitted by saltTHEwound on Jun 30, 10 at 8:06pm
  • high school?

    Submitted by Anonymous1024 on Jun 30, 10 at 6:19pm
  • Chew it up pussy! Lol

    Submitted by diggitydank on Jun 30, 10 at 11:24am
  • i so did this actually

    Submitted by sbloom010 on Jun 30, 10 at 3:41pm
  • why would you SNORT adderall?

    Submitted by professorbananas on Jun 30, 10 at 11:19am
  • Haha only in ky...

    Submitted by kelligirl83 on Jul 4, 10 at 5:46am
  • In my experience, snorting adderall doesn't change the effects of the drug at all. Pain killers, and uppers on the other hand...

    Submitted by Thom on Jun 30, 10 at 11:34am
  • Why do I feel like I know which college this is from.

    Submitted by 1337ist on Feb 6, 11 at 8:00pm
  • For the people who say they are diagnosed ADD/ADHD and say adderall does not do anything for you..... Yah that's because you abuse it.... I feel sorry for you. I also laugh at people who think they are addicted to adderall. It is a non addictive drug! I can use it one fat for ADD and not need it for when I don't work

    Submitted by gavinshope on Jul 2, 10 at 3:35am
  • Just wtf...

    Submitted by DrGiggles on Jun 30, 10 at 11:15am
  • The microwave is Just a flat surface. Stop focusing on the microwave....

    Submitted by jondime23 on Jun 30, 10 at 1:16pm
  • Just open the capsule and pour it in your mouth

    Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 30, 10 at 5:25pm
  • I like turtles!!

    Submitted by TurtleLover on Jun 30, 10 at 2:08pm
  • Taking a pill of adderall: focusing\n\nSnorting lines of adderall: energizing\n\n\nI still can't explain the microwave though.

    Submitted by ivanzee on Jun 30, 10 at 12:41pm
  • Why would you snort adderall? It does not have the same effect ad cocain...,, if u ingest it orally it lasts longer and does what it is supposed to

    Submitted by gavinshope on Jul 2, 10 at 3:28am
  • Why would you snort it? Cause it's instant effects you dumb fuck

    Submitted by darryl405 on Jun 30, 10 at 11:28am
  • Class of 2013 BABY!!!! <3

    Submitted by APromiseToBurn on Jun 30, 10 at 1:20pm
  • If you knew your drugs you would know that if you have ADHD swallowing them doesn't do shit thaaaats the reason for snorting. What's up with the microwave though?

    Submitted by wtfhappened916 on Jul 1, 10 at 12:03am
  • microwave? i hang out around arizona state and ive never heard of out of a microwave

    Submitted by kmomokbs on Jun 30, 10 at 11:17am
  • These Pretzels are making me thirsty!

    Submitted by ImKeithStone on Jun 30, 10 at 12:28pm