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  • Submitted by underagehangover on Jun 18, 10 at 11:27am

    if she hates you that much then she probably wont want to fuck, therefore your not going to get aids, keep your head up champ.

  • Submitted by jasboo on Jun 18, 10 at 12:19pm

    whatever you fuck'd up...

  • Submitted by jobbin on Jun 18, 10 at 11:35am

    Underagehsngover I think that's the joke..she hates him so much she'll get aids and then find any way to give it to him

  • Submitted by sweetpea527 on Jun 18, 10 at 10:45pm

    Ah, Brevard how I love you. :D <3

  • Submitted by holdmyjunk on Jun 18, 10 at 12:43pm

    Hahaha, thank you tfln, one actually made me laugh

  • Submitted by guitar_boy on Jun 18, 10 at 8:15pm

    Plus you can only get aids once ;D

  • Submitted by Xivenia on Jun 18, 10 at 12:23pm

    This better have been sent from my ex's best friend to my ex...he needs to get a clue.