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  • Submitted by holdmyjunk on Jun 17, 10 at 1:39pm

    .... That high. I figured the mods forgot it, so I would help them out.

  • Submitted by BlackSheepParty on Jun 17, 10 at 1:56pm

    he's clearly 1 beer short of a 6-pack...

  • Submitted by damn_gurl on Jun 17, 10 at 1:55pm

    hahahaaha. TAKE IT OFFFF!

  • Submitted by Rubes_Carnies on Jun 17, 10 at 1:38pm


  • Submitted by awesomesaucechk on Jun 18, 10 at 1:11pm

    Take it off!...errr I mean put it back on... Ok this guy is weird<<<<>what I wouldve said if I was there

  • Submitted by idonttext on Jun 17, 10 at 9:45pm

    Sounds like shroooms

  • Submitted by BaileyBELIEVE on Jun 18, 10 at 10:13am

    If only that happened here.

  • Submitted by nsgf on Jun 17, 10 at 1:42pm

    6 times!?!? step up ya game mods.

  • Submitted by whatupbee on Jun 17, 10 at 2:41pm

    Holdmyjunk I didn't forget

  • Submitted by TigerLily7 on Aug 15, 10 at 7:14am

    Oh yeah, he was completely drunk.

  • Submitted by TheNewGuy03 on Jun 18, 10 at 12:13am

    great mental picture.

  • Submitted by ReHerukti8 on Apr 5, 11 at 4:14am

    Lol ahhh Rome, Ga...I miss my childhood