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  • Submitted by JERSEYBOY908 on Apr 12, 10 at 3:34pm

    who would be mad about that

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 12, 10 at 10:18pm

    I can -punches a hole through the fucking drywall-

  • Submitted by pacosanchez on Apr 12, 10 at 4:22pm

    I bought throwing knives at a gas station after I left the bar a couple weeks ago. I was so excited when I woke up

  • Submitted by tropicalfruit on Apr 18, 10 at 9:04am

    well that is just.... very special.\ni would say so..

  • Submitted by RadMuffin on Apr 12, 10 at 8:21pm

    Actually doctorhobo you're not first. Fucking idiot, learn how to count.

  • Submitted by wizart18 on Apr 13, 10 at 4:30am

    Yeah ride that pogo stick bitches!!!!

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 12, 10 at 11:31pm

    Pogo stick=win

  • Submitted by doctorhobo on Apr 12, 10 at 3:51pm


  • Submitted by buberto on Apr 14, 10 at 6:19am

    Yip. Ordering a giant metallic phallus while drunk is not faggy at all. Dumbass.

  • Submitted by grizzystreets on Apr 15, 10 at 9:55pm

    Niether would i

  • Submitted by thedood on Apr 12, 10 at 3:39pm

    I'm furious about that.

  • Submitted by Beaglehead on Apr 12, 10 at 10:48pm

    Radmuffin: I think you mean "learn how to tell time"\n\nSanchez: what the hell kind of gas stations do you go to? I just hope there issnt a prison near by