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    Submitted by Megrathea42 on Mar 7, 10 at 7:29am

    I hope it doesn't happen for her, if it did he would be even more pathetic then she is.

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    Submitted by xxherpesxx on Mar 6, 10 at 11:46am

    Well, that's funny, my best friend said the same thing!

  • Submitted by Garner on Mar 6, 10 at 5:22am

    He doesn't think it, he knows it. Don't be so desperate, kid.

    • Submitted by youregay on Mar 7, 10 at 12:53am

      well aren't you rude

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    Submitted by Feggets on Mar 6, 10 at 9:25am

    Kassem g?

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    Submitted by device on Mar 9, 10 at 12:10am

    did she yell that in front of everyone or was she truly willing to s his d in front of everyone?

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    Submitted by Masquerade90 on Mar 7, 10 at 12:42pm

    This really is just a bad representation of chicks from my town. This is really pretty desperate.

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    Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 6, 10 at 6:00pm

    Htown baby!!

  • Submitted by Hdogloveskoolaid on Mar 6, 10 at 11:09am

    I love it when you say s or d or p in v :D gucci!

  • Submitted by grrlfran on Mar 6, 10 at 10:08am

    8:24. Word! (:

  • Submitted by knomye on Mar 6, 10 at 8:24am

    This text is weak and never should've made it past moderation. 2nd post, you're an embarassment...learn to play hard to get, it's much more becoming than desperation.