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  • nope

    Submitted by monkeyboner on Mar 23, 16 at 10:54am
  • No........

    Submitted by PizdaLvr on Mar 23, 16 at 9:03am
  • Should have gone with a cross buttplug. The Easter bunny thing is for those who celebrate the secular side of the holiday (the one that's about bunnies, eggs, good chocolate candy, spring, and rebirth).

    Submitted by Moline85 on Mar 24, 16 at 2:11pm
    • "If this is about the time I puked green slime and masturbated with the crucifix, it was my first keg party, Bobby!"

      Submitted by MrMagicFingers on Mar 24, 16 at 3:02pm
  • yes if a woman.

    Submitted by RedKing2882 on Mar 30, 16 at 11:39pm