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  • people must look at you and wonder "what's this dumb bitch doing?"

    Submitted by jabberjaw28 on Oct 27, 15 at 7:50pm
  • If you're standing in front of doors waiting for them to open by themselves, people are going to think that you just got out of prison.

    Submitted by King_Domcum on Oct 28, 15 at 5:28pm
  • Setting women's Lib back one door at a time.

    Submitted by olliethemagicbum on Nov 1, 15 at 9:35pm
  • Women's Lib is not what that is about. Unless manners are bad now. Why don't women's Lib chicks just start straddling urinals? I like a man who opens doors for me.

    Submitted by thefon on May 20, 17 at 2:02pm