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  • It's a small world after all.

    Submitted by AJTherion72 on Dec 30, 14 at 11:37am
  • Not while Walt was alive did bs like that happen! Guess it really is the Magic Kingdom

    Submitted by slucketlist on Jan 4, 15 at 12:40am
  • So many questions. Is your ex a girl, and you're s guy? Then why were you in the ladies room? Are you shirk and you ex is a guy? Then why were they in the ladies room?

    Submitted by Massive_Attack on Dec 30, 14 at 1:15pm
  • OP is a girl, her ex is a girl, and the ex was blowing a guy.

    Submitted by BornPrincess on Dec 30, 14 at 11:22pm
  • You say "dude" like it's binary and you're sure of that. Which makes me think it was you, not your ex, after all.

    Submitted by kin_in_in on Dec 31, 14 at 12:57pm