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  • or people from VA are retarded

    Submitted by Anonymous on May 7, 09 at 6:11pm
  • i want t know if this one and the one from the same area codes about being a desperate slut are from the same people

    Submitted by Anonymous on May 11, 09 at 11:41pm
  • ppl from MD, don't know what they're doing in bed.......

    Submitted by Anonymous on May 1, 09 at 6:47pm
  • i think we're getting away from the joke.. it definitely was hilarious.. wrong number..classic!

    Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 6, 09 at 4:16pm
  • excuse you but without northern virginia there would be no virginia. we are the ones who support the state with OUR money and get pennies back!

    Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 22, 09 at 4:44pm
    • NOVA does not get "pennies" back. Y'all take all the damn money. Between NOVA and Tidewater, the rest of the state doesn't get shit. And thanks to y'all, Obama won Virginia, a RED state. Thanks, idiot.

      Submitted by BabyMama2010 on Jul 7, 10 at 1:34pm
  • What I think happened here is he/she was cheating on her partner and sent that text accidently to him/her when it was supposed to go to the person he/she slept with.

    Submitted by blueforce on Mar 3, 10 at 4:02am
  • I wanna say it's more of a ''she was too drunk to remember" sort of deal.

    Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 18, 09 at 2:30am
  • Let's go Fairfax county!

    Submitted by Anonymous on Jan 31, 10 at 10:05am
  • awesome.

    Submitted by 647HockeyGirl on Sep 9, 10 at 2:47pm
  • I like when people argue in the comments like it really matters

    Submitted by bandandamandan on Jun 13, 11 at 3:57am
  • northern virginia is an abomination to the rest of the state. are people really proud to be from there? fuck it and fuck you too.

    Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 15, 09 at 7:12am