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  • A woman who knows what she wants?

    Submitted by countryboy99 on Aug 2, 13 at 1:24pm
  • A chick who owns her own sexuality.....which is hot BTW.

    Submitted by Dsapeer on Aug 2, 13 at 1:53pm
  • Is it you?

    Submitted by kin_in_in on Aug 3, 13 at 6:45pm
  • A whore/gold digger.

    Submitted by cwelkman on Aug 2, 13 at 9:23pm
  • This doesn't sound like she knows what she wants or is "owning her sexuality" she's fooling around a lot which is potentially really dangerous. Or she's an escort. If that's the case hope she's making good money.

    Submitted by Axel5238 on Aug 2, 13 at 8:51pm
  • An "escort"

    Submitted by MILF68 on Aug 2, 13 at 4:52pm