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  • You don't need to tell someone you have a great set of tits; they speak for themselves.

    Submitted by Massive_Attack on Aug 1, 13 at 12:50pm
  • Over compensation?

    Submitted by kin_in_in on Aug 1, 13 at 12:14pm
  • Sounds like a deal!

    Submitted by thirrteen on Aug 1, 13 at 12:32pm
  • Future roommate needs to be told that 99% of that cool shit will be trashed by inconsiderate douchebags who have no regard for others' possessions. She should not bring anything she cares about to school.

    Submitted by fly_bi_night on Aug 2, 13 at 7:40am
  • I like your social priorities... as long as you keep on top of your academic commitments. :)

    Submitted by NuckinFuts on Aug 1, 13 at 12:15pm
  • Prove it

    Submitted by mikesbarber on Aug 1, 13 at 2:29pm