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  • Here's a tip, be a decent human and clean up after yourself.

    Submitted by Yeep on Jul 18, 13 at 1:42pm
  • Clean it up idiot. You suck. Are you Tucker Max or something?

    Submitted by BigBadWolf92782 on Jul 18, 13 at 4:43pm
  • Tip = Wear gloves :)

    Submitted by Keyzlt5 on Jul 18, 13 at 1:33pm
  • Here's a tip for you: leaving that mess gets you banned from the hotel chain for life. No amount of money will get you unbanned either.

    Submitted by fly_bi_night on Jul 19, 13 at 7:38am
  • If I was the hotel maid, there's not enough money in the world for me to clean up every surface, thank you very much!

    Submitted by tracilynne40 on Jul 19, 13 at 4:25am
  • Seriously ? $20 minimum

    Submitted by RoffMain on Jul 18, 13 at 6:26pm