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  • just do therapy, become not (or less) crazy, and snag a decent guy. It's hard work but worth it! :)

    Submitted by karma13 on Jul 17, 13 at 6:07pm
  • Bitches be crazy.

    Submitted by Yeep on Jul 17, 13 at 7:00pm
  • So you're saying you want to inflict yourself on someone, who, if they knew the real you, wouldn't want anything to do with you. And you wonder why you fail at relationships.

    Submitted by fly_bi_night on Jul 18, 13 at 7:30am
  • Why do women do this? Just be yourself, otherwise you'll end designing pain for another through your own selfishness

    Submitted by 666daBEAST on Jul 17, 13 at 8:32pm
  • and still end up leaving you.

    Submitted by rwool13 on Jul 17, 13 at 4:33pm
  • Embrace your crazy. It's the only way to live!

    Submitted by flamefan on Jul 18, 13 at 4:29am
  • Eighty Eight

    Submitted by Eightyeight on Jul 17, 13 at 4:22pm
  • Wtf I bet he might let you and play with you

    Submitted by naye on Jul 17, 13 at 9:26pm
  • Fuck that

    Submitted by catface on Jul 17, 13 at 6:33pm
  • Instant psycho -- to activate, just place on wedding ring.

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Jul 18, 13 at 11:06am