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  • That's why you have three holes.

    Submitted by MILF68 on Jul 2, 13 at 11:38am
  • That's part of the surprise when a girl thinks she can take a big d and actually can't. Stick to little league.

    Submitted by iso on Jul 2, 13 at 11:30am
  • Neosporin won't cure what he gave you.

    Submitted by okieraider71 on Jul 2, 13 at 12:06pm
  • What did you expect on a porn set, sweetie?

    Submitted by thirrteen on Jul 2, 13 at 11:29am
  • You say this like it is a bad thing..

    Submitted by fl_sunshine on Jul 2, 13 at 1:11pm
  • No, we really can't. Because then you'll just think we're full of shit. Gotta love that "holy shit, he wasn't kidding" look though. :)

    Submitted by tspencer227 on Jul 2, 13 at 7:13pm
  • I want someone to fuck me raw right now

    Submitted by star21 on Jul 3, 13 at 12:06am
  • Yeah don't kid yourself man I highly doubt it. Average is 5-6 1/2 supposedly. From what i've heard from my exe's guys that brag the most have less to actually show.

    Submitted by Axel5238 on Jul 6, 13 at 7:05am
  • Better get some baby.

    Submitted by MegzEve007 on Jul 3, 13 at 1:55am
  • it hurts so good...

    Submitted by rwool13 on Jul 2, 13 at 10:47pm