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  • you spelled 'homewrecker and whore' wrong.

    Submitted by Kevin201 on Jun 8, 13 at 11:10am
  • And one day IF someone actually makes the conscious choice to marry you, he'll cheat on you & maybe he'll get tips on how to spice things up with you from his "other woman" too.

    Submitted by fucking_classy on Jun 8, 13 at 4:27pm
  • Just because a guy wants to cheat doesn't mean you have to be the whore he slips with. Grow up.

    Submitted by Axel5238 on Jun 8, 13 at 1:44pm
  • I'd like to point out that it's not HER job to keep that marriage together...that's on him. She's free to do what she wants.

    Submitted by WV_kiwi on Jun 9, 13 at 11:53pm
  • Yet you'll only ever be the other woman...

    Submitted by TyrionsWhore on Jun 23, 14 at 3:32pm
  • Let me guess, you mentioned a threesome?

    Submitted by hogfish on Oct 22, 13 at 8:22pm