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  • Submitted by CoraRainebow on May 19, 13 at 8:46pm

    Husband that shit. Husband it hard and fast before he flies out a window or something!

  • Submitted by Binders_of_Women on May 19, 13 at 8:20pm

    A good man should know to countersink anything he screws.

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    Submitted by bacchusLA on May 19, 13 at 7:22pm

    Whatever you're doing, you're doing it right.

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    Submitted by lickthat on May 19, 13 at 8:21pm

    Whatever He was doing, He was doing it right. Give credit where it's due.

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    Submitted by Massive_Attack on May 19, 13 at 5:00pm

    They don't make them like they used to. Next time use a bed.

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    Submitted by icepick23 on May 21, 13 at 11:41am

    Selena Gomez?