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    Submitted by highasballs on Apr 8, 13 at 2:01pm

    That sounds like a wonderful suggestion if you are 12 and getting high for the first time.....smoke, eat and watch tv like a normal person. I'm highasballs and guess what I'm doing right now.......watching tv..

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    Submitted by zero666 on Apr 9, 13 at 12:04am

    You people don't have better shit to do than insult a stranger?

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    Submitted by bigjwin on Apr 8, 13 at 2:08pm

    Best way to get over her

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    Submitted by Fish420 on Apr 8, 13 at 1:58pm

    What a great way to cope with depression

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    Submitted by PLH3264 on Apr 9, 13 at 12:03am

    Im high as hell and watching a guy play video games and loving every second of it :)

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    Submitted by cwelkman on Apr 8, 13 at 6:04pm

    I prefer drunk and setting shit on fire