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  • You've combined man's greatest invention, with the arch nemesis of sexy. Confusing boner.

    Submitted by Yeep on Mar 15, 13 at 11:00am
  • There is still hope because you didn't put on a bulky sweater too... or did you?

    Submitted by NuckinFuts on Mar 15, 13 at 4:22pm
  • Wrong website. FML is thataway ---->

    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Mar 16, 13 at 2:19am
  • my penis is like, "this is like the time we looked at octomom's porn're fucking weird, bro"

    Submitted by LemmePhister on Mar 20, 13 at 10:47pm
  • My dick has a question for you... "Wtf?!"

    Submitted by resfur on Mar 15, 13 at 3:22pm
  • Know exactly how you feel

    Submitted by FrancisZ on Mar 15, 13 at 10:27pm