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    Submitted by grizzlewhisker on Mar 11, 13 at 1:26pm

    Doesn't "very hot" come with teeth by default?

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    Submitted by crockpot on Mar 11, 13 at 12:04pm

    Guaranteed OP would take 3/5 if it was last call

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    Submitted by jswanson on Mar 11, 13 at 5:48pm

    The "speaks English" thing could go either way. You don't want to miss out on some exchange student action.

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    Submitted by DonkeyLipps on Mar 11, 13 at 4:41pm

    That girl has some seriously high standards. I'm surprised she didn't add; must be male, penis larger than her pinky finger, and has to be taller than 5'2. You know, the things that are really important in a hook up

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    Submitted by ladyivey on Mar 11, 13 at 11:59am

    Yea exactly, way to go st. Pete Florida...

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    Submitted by AndeKarma on Mar 11, 13 at 10:54am

    that's truly keeping it classy! I would ammend this statement to read "has all their teeth" since this is pasco/pinellas counties afterall!