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  • In other words... Never...

    Submitted by slothistotle on Feb 26, 13 at 3:05pm
  • You can't ask a guy a serious question like that after he's just busted a nut. Especially one involving math! Guys brains barely work as it is, now you want to quiz him when most of the blood hasn't even left his dick yet? Not cool

    Submitted by DonkeyLipps on Mar 4, 13 at 4:37pm
  • Maybe it was just a really long time?

    Submitted by 4NIC8OR on Feb 26, 13 at 8:50pm
  • Is that the definition of "high as balls"?

    Submitted by kin_in_in on Feb 26, 13 at 5:14pm
  • Its what he gets for eating pumpkin seeds.

    Submitted by Pronfairy on Feb 26, 13 at 11:48pm