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  • It is starburst. They are a solid yet juicy. Just like Scottish Korean or the living dead. Sour patch kids are first sour then sweet. Gone. I fucking hate commercials and stupid people who try to correct people that are right.

    Submitted by BigDidlo on Feb 7, 13 at 11:52pm
  • How much?

    Submitted by WilliamHung on Feb 7, 13 at 7:50pm
  • That's sour patch, not starburst. But nice try.

    Submitted by whoreable on Feb 7, 13 at 3:53pm
  • BigDidlo, clever nickname. This is awkward because you know what I originally thought it was... Kinky

    Submitted by tiffanylikespie on Feb 8, 13 at 1:09am
  • Marry him!!!

    Submitted by Key_umm on Feb 8, 13 at 5:37pm