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  • Submitted by papichulokulo on Jan 10, 13 at 4:42pm

    Knock,knock,knock. *door opens* "Hello?" *nut punch!* "You know what you did!"

  • Submitted by bass80hz on Jan 10, 13 at 3:11pm

    I charge 34.99 per nadgram. PayPal accepted send the address in the note. Ill go in to the garage and warm up on my naddummy.

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    Submitted by jonathan171 on Jan 10, 13 at 11:06pm

    Scrote Squad!

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    Submitted by cfreymarc on Jan 10, 13 at 9:46pm

    Look up the Monty Python skit "Boot to the head."

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    Submitted by EvilDucky on Jan 16, 13 at 7:31am

    LMAO@papi,bass and Jonathan! Seriously tears! Can't breathe!

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    Submitted by DonkeyLipps on Jan 11, 13 at 3:48pm

    Person opens the door. Gets "Junk-Punched". Falls Down on the ground, looks up, asks "Why?" The person looks down at them, points at them with one finger and says "You Know Why!" And then walks away!! That would be worth every penny.