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  • Americans will love this part of Obamacare

    Submitted by hockeypuck11 on Dec 11, 12 at 11:26am
    • Until they realize obamacare doesn't cover shit and isn't realistic for all 50 states

      Submitted by LiterOfCola on Dec 11, 12 at 1:30pm
      • Obamacare will cost Americans an additional $63 a year. That is extra money i would rather not spend on a fucking strangers healthcare

        Submitted by ck24 on Dec 11, 12 at 3:08pm
        • Yup, I'm already tired of paying for their food, booze, and cigarettes... and paying to feed their fucking snot nosed kids because they can't figure out how a condom works.

          Submitted by lol_wat on Dec 11, 12 at 3:27pm
  • After surgery last year all that pain med numbed everything. Sex is low on the priority list.

    Submitted by countryboy99 on Dec 11, 12 at 10:31am
  • Make it part of Canada's wellness plan!

    Submitted by phillyb on Dec 11, 12 at 3:52pm
  • Keep thinking

    Submitted by felidae on Dec 11, 12 at 11:14am
  • Seventy Seven

    Submitted by SeventySeven on Dec 11, 12 at 12:18pm