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  • I'm pretty sure id want to know what the fuck i did

    Submitted by gadawgs23 on Nov 18, 12 at 6:52pm
  • if i don't remember, it never happened....unless you have pics. in which case; fuck you for being a terrible friend!

    Submitted by satanslilhelper on Nov 19, 12 at 6:04am
  • That should be a new rule, unless serious laws were broken. \nMemory and consequences proportional to alcohol consumption and/or remaining liver function!

    Submitted by kissmyaustralia on Nov 18, 12 at 4:07pm
  • This person might want to know what happened, as a trip to the clinic might be in order...

    Submitted by hitzkrieg on Nov 18, 12 at 10:16pm
  • hahahhahaha hahhahahahahahhaha

    Submitted by CassANova615 on Nov 19, 12 at 10:47am