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    Submitted by WhiskerBiscuit on Nov 12, 12 at 4:13pm

    Genius! You bet her mom $100 that her daughter wouldn't show her tits.

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    Submitted by undrcvrmlkman on Nov 12, 12 at 2:54pm

    Would be better if she won you $100 and her mom showed you her tits.

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    Submitted by ThisCantBeReal on Nov 12, 12 at 7:44pm

    You are correct my friend. Man code regulations require that evening's events be issued a certification of "solid." If, however, you were able to achieve visual confirmation on the second set of tits on her mother, you would have received "gold" status.

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      Submitted by Pronfairy on Nov 12, 12 at 11:36pm

      That's a touch too deep for these people, but well thought out nonetheless.

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    Submitted by DonkeyLipps on Nov 18, 12 at 7:49pm

    The coveted mother daughter duo. It's one of the most difficult combinations to find and then take down. Congrats to you my friend. You did good work and give all of us hope