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  • a Fox news viewer obviously.

    Submitted by JJdoggie on Nov 8, 12 at 10:34am
  • Well, the republicans are the ones who hide all of their disturbing fetishes and acts.

    Submitted by Vilehaust on Nov 8, 12 at 2:05pm
  • Oh please!!! our country is nothing to be ashamed about.

    Submitted by miababy on Nov 8, 12 at 11:42am
  • Rarararar! Politics! Rararar!

    Submitted by cowbro on Nov 8, 12 at 7:04pm
  • The sheep won.

    Submitted by cityboy99 on Nov 8, 12 at 10:38am
  • Somebody gets it

    Submitted by karazyboys on Nov 8, 12 at 11:41am
  • I find it funny that everyone is jumping to the conclusion that the person is talking about the re-election of President Obama, rather than maybe a ballot measure, or even something unrelated to voting.

    Submitted by Dragonfire on Nov 8, 12 at 7:59pm
  • You're both dicks. Buy sports illustrated and feel classy again

    Submitted by Blue_Man on May 3, 13 at 10:21pm
  • How disturbing does the porn have to be? Here in oz to get to that level would involve animals, or the "Family First" party, either way that's cruel and unusual punishment . Especially if ur making ur dick cum to that shit!

    Submitted by kissmyaustralia on Nov 8, 12 at 8:33pm
  • gonna take a long time downloading that much porn. congrats sheeple.

    Submitted by Harly9 on Nov 8, 12 at 2:09pm
  • rabble

    Submitted by WV_kiwi on Nov 8, 12 at 10:49pm
  • Cowbro is my hero.

    Submitted by lilkymama on Nov 8, 12 at 9:59pm
  • Role Model.

    Submitted by davidzig305 on Nov 8, 12 at 11:23am
  • @cowbro yes!!!!!!!!

    Submitted by AnnonWyo on Nov 9, 12 at 4:34pm
  • Somebody call Nate Silver! The +/- on this post matches the election results! It's not just "math you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better."

    Submitted by lurch101 on Nov 9, 12 at 12:17am