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  • Submitted by porksword on Oct 22, 12 at 2:27pm

    Booty call answer " if you're hungry, eat me!"

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    Submitted by snowman87 on Oct 22, 12 at 6:11pm

    My last bootycall made me breakfast if I was there in the morning, I never asked for it either. stop bitching.

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    Submitted by daisydukeluke on Oct 25, 12 at 5:11am

    Dmoney, this is why you don't get laid. Girls talk. We tell our friends about the jerk with the tiny penis who was a big dick.

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    Submitted by karazyboys on Oct 23, 12 at 10:11am

    Ok when did booty calls get to start staying the night?

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    Submitted by snoozeyalose on Oct 22, 12 at 2:04pm

    @dmoney1234 i dont think the person that op is talking to is a woman

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    Submitted by lalaced on Oct 23, 12 at 12:09pm

    Since when do booty calls spend the night? ..

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    Submitted by felidae on Oct 23, 12 at 12:41am

    Dmoney: there is a kitchen in your parents' basement?

  • Submitted by dmoney1234 on Oct 22, 12 at 1:46pm

    Being a woman: you're doing it wrong. A man is asking you for breakfast. Get in the kitchen and fucking make it.

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    Submitted by plygtr85 on Oct 22, 12 at 9:16pm

    I'd rather I make my own breakfast. women always fuck up my favorite meal. how hard is it to sautee the green pepper and onion first THEN put the eggs in top and scramble them? get OUT of my kitchen.

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      Submitted by CA_Avocado on Oct 22, 12 at 11:27pm

      Gladly. Now make me some pancakes!

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    Submitted by cfreymarc on Oct 22, 12 at 9:21pm

    Quit the bitching! Back in the kitchen. Later, you'll be there barefoot, pregnant and enjoying it.