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  • now apply tongue to clit

    Submitted by photorobert on Oct 20, 12 at 9:29am
  • It's the "come here" motion. Do it fast enough and some girls squirt. HOT.

    Submitted by TexasWDollarsign on Oct 20, 12 at 11:24am
  • If he can't finger the chick, how do you expect him to know what and where the clit is?

    Submitted by fsuhockey10 on Oct 20, 12 at 9:57am
  • Not really. Most guys figure it's a lot like digging for change out of your pocket.

    Submitted by JohnnyGraves on Oct 20, 12 at 9:08am
  • surusly? what an idiot! here's instructions for all the virgin men reading: IN! UP! BACK! now wiggle your fingers and when she squeaks you found it, no apply tongue to clot and you're golden

    Submitted by photorobert on Oct 20, 12 at 9:28am
    • If you can "apply tongue to clot", it's probably a bad time of the month for oral...

      Submitted by GutterBalls on Oct 23, 12 at 11:02pm
  • Its happen to me before. It sucks. He even cut the inside of my vag with his fingernails :/

    Submitted by drunknslut on Oct 20, 12 at 2:57pm
    • Did you bleed? A guy was once so rough I bled

      Submitted by Xtasty on Oct 25, 12 at 10:15am
  • @photorobert he didn't get that memo, only the dude in 904 did.

    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Oct 20, 12 at 11:59am
  • Omg I feel so bad for all of your sex lives. Say no to bad porn people!

    Submitted by HippyChick on Oct 23, 12 at 9:32am
  • 1. Insert ring and middle finger.\n2. Pretend to be spider-man.\n3. ??????\n4. Profit

    Submitted by Dabluntman on Apr 4, 13 at 3:16pm
  • 1. Insert middle and ring fingers. 2. Pretend to be Spiderman. 3.?????????? 4.Profit

    Submitted by Dabluntman on Apr 4, 13 at 3:19pm
  • If he's that clueless, take his hand and show him how to do it properly... It's such a simple concept.

    Submitted by DerKarismatisch on Oct 29, 12 at 1:05am