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  • It would be a waste of fucking money is what it would be. Leave him a beer or two, that's it.

    Submitted by arthurlux on Oct 12, 12 at 1:06pm
  • <rant> No. Just no. How about some f****** food instead?! For all you know, alcoholism is the reason he's homeless! </rant>

    Submitted by AlwaysTheDriver on Oct 12, 12 at 11:14pm
  • Sure it is, if you want to come back to 32 empties.

    Submitted by ThisCantBeReal on Oct 12, 12 at 3:13pm
  • where the hell do they even sell 32 packs? Ive only heard of 30 and 36

    Submitted by slammin211s on Oct 12, 12 at 2:06pm
  • @slammin, they sell them at Costco. I don't know why, but they are the only place that has them. And it would be a great idea. It's good karma. I mean if you're homeless you probably don't have very many good days, this would be like Christmas if this happened to them! Do it!

    Submitted by DonkeyLipps on Oct 13, 12 at 1:12am
  • Only if you also leave a pump so he can pump it directly into his vagina.

    Submitted by dmoney1234 on Oct 12, 12 at 3:38pm
  • Yes!

    Submitted by pas2987 on Oct 14, 12 at 2:58am