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  • Submitted by dmoney1234 on Oct 10, 12 at 1:26pm

    It's equally pathetic you put up with this, and even more naive of you to think she's getting waxed routinely to not have sex with you.

  • Submitted by WhiskerBiscuit on Oct 10, 12 at 2:54pm

    Time to move on my friend; clearly she has.

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    Submitted by efoff on Oct 10, 12 at 1:19pm

    Dont get it do u?

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    Submitted by Micholder on Oct 10, 12 at 6:13pm

    dmoney hit the nail on the head she is giving to someone else...

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    Submitted by Dsapeer on Oct 10, 12 at 7:53pm

    Yeah. Definitely getting nailed somewhere else. Wise up and kick that bitch to the curb STAT.

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    Submitted by ScarletFever on Oct 11, 12 at 1:17am

    Story of my life :(