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    Submitted by alicelove2009 on Oct 2, 12 at 2:50pm

    The whole airport should have cheered. Well Done Sir.

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    Submitted by ThisCantBeReal on Oct 4, 12 at 11:33pm

    Nicely done, captains always tastes better after you get it through to the other side.

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    Submitted by crockpot on Oct 2, 12 at 7:16pm

    I want to know how he did it! I'm flying soon and this information would be very beneficial.

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      Submitted by Pronfairy on Oct 2, 12 at 10:56pm

      You work for TSA?

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      Submitted by R_Shackleford on Oct 3, 12 at 4:05am

      Dress like a muslim, they are too afraid to stop them and be accused of racial profiling.

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    Submitted by MrShaffer on Oct 2, 12 at 8:36pm

    I do to. That would be great

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    Submitted by cwelch605 on Oct 2, 12 at 9:18pm

    New hero....couldn't even take hairspray on my damn flight.

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    Submitted by armchairguru on Oct 3, 12 at 11:35am

    Welcome Back R-Sack! I was just thinking how much I missed your flagrant ignorance and closed minded prejudiced bullshit! How was your honeymoon with Eighty Eight?