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    Submitted by security24 on Sep 16, 12 at 5:50pm

    They're completely necessary. You don't want any grey areas when it comes to DNR orders.

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    Submitted by UrLegsR_EarMuffs on Sep 16, 12 at 2:44pm

    The last 3 words of this text couldn't be more unnecessary

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    Submitted by ssjx7squall on Sep 16, 12 at 7:41pm

    people are idiots when it cones to drugs especially bath salts. one psychotic idiotic goes nuts on them and suddenly anyone who's on any upper is a cannibal

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    Submitted by security24 on Sep 17, 12 at 11:44pm

    DNR=do not resuscitate. It means you don't want extraordinary measures taken to save your life if your heart stops. It can also include using machines to keep you alive.

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    Submitted by MzKitty08 on Sep 17, 12 at 12:41am

    the man in Miami who are other guys face was found to only have marijuana in his system at the time of death... knowledge is power. also, I would have to concur, no face = dnr

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    Submitted by G2LMG2D on Sep 17, 12 at 11:13pm

    What is a dnr?

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    Submitted by DonkeyLipps on Sep 17, 12 at 2:17am

    It's not really a DNR because you were never techniquely dead.. You just had your face ripped off and eaten. You have to die on life support for a DNR to take affect. Then they don't bring you back. You just stay dead