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  • Submitted by Donotdiscard on Sep 6, 12 at 3:48pm

    That's alcohol abuse!

  • Submitted by rand0mhero80 on Sep 6, 12 at 3:10pm

    No you didnt, vodka did.

  • Submitted by Sweet_T11 on Sep 6, 12 at 7:32pm

    Which garden?

  • Submitted by blahshutup on Sep 6, 12 at 7:09pm

    Prove it!

  • Submitted by StevieB07 on Sep 8, 12 at 8:52am

    Oh NOVA..why would you waste good vodka

  • Submitted by Key_umm on Sep 7, 12 at 1:10am

    U wasted perfectly good vodka?!??? Damn nazi!!

  • Submitted by Cross on Sep 6, 12 at 11:27pm

    What type of plant life requires vodka to flourish, I wonder.

    • Submitted by lol_wat on Sep 7, 12 at 12:18am

      A big ass bush in a lady garden. Wait... in that scenario I'd be the one needing the vodka to flourish, nvm.