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  • Wow, what a bitch! Funny but mean. I sure would like to see the dashcam version of this.

    Submitted by soccer360 on Aug 28, 12 at 11:17am
  • @skittlehunter, this is true very true!

    Submitted by blond3bitch on Aug 28, 12 at 2:14pm
  • No dashcam pointed at the back seat. Once the cuffs are on and you're loaded in, it's game on for whatever they want to do to you.

    Submitted by Skittlehunter on Aug 28, 12 at 2:04pm
  • Obviously you haven't been in the back of a squad car skittles. There's a camera on you, at all times.

    Submitted by Yeep on Aug 28, 12 at 9:35pm
  • All-female state troopers are cunts

    Submitted by tracilynne40 on May 31, 13 at 5:54am