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  • Submitted by Deschamps on Aug 20, 12 at 10:10am

    This isn't funny

  • Submitted by Incindir on Aug 20, 12 at 5:01pm

    Thank you justlexi for not letting me be the only one to see that joke

  • Submitted by justlexy on Aug 20, 12 at 1:08pm

    It sounds like Eddie Izzard's "Cake or Death" joke. :]

  • Submitted by ladylion on Aug 20, 12 at 7:39pm

    Well played. Eddie Izzard's the best!

  • Submitted by Squarewheel on Aug 21, 12 at 2:23am

    Oh look you can tell how many people weren't old enough to get it by the bad night votes! Look it up if you don't get it don't just down vote

  • Submitted by GA_Peach on Aug 20, 12 at 1:34pm

    Pretty sure a hangover can be defined as a slice of death...that's been warmed in the microwave.

  • Submitted by JuggsaPoppin on Aug 20, 12 at 5:15pm

    "Do you have a flag?"... <3 Eddie Izzard

  • Submitted by cheetara on Aug 21, 12 at 5:54pm

    So my choice is 'or death'?