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  • wow, what a douchebag!

    Submitted by Kevin201 on Aug 2, 12 at 12:09pm
  • And people wonder why so many women have eating disorders.

    Submitted by selisa91 on Aug 2, 12 at 12:16pm
  • You're a douche

    Submitted by audralou on Aug 2, 12 at 12:09pm
  • The kicker is that she doesn't give a shit what you think.

    Submitted by Cannibalcake on Aug 2, 12 at 4:41pm
  • Ha that's when I say yeah and the morning sickness is awful and puke whiskey sours all over your face

    Submitted by blrobz on Aug 5, 12 at 12:44pm
  • And that's when you say "when you grow a decent sized penis"

    Submitted by katelyyn_ on Aug 3, 12 at 6:57am
  • Fucking ck got one posted.

    Submitted by GA_Peach on Aug 2, 12 at 4:14pm
  • #getoffmylawn I do love myself. A little too much. I'm perfectly happy with the way I am, but I know I'm unhealthy and sometimes a girl needs a wake up call :)

    Submitted by Authiel on Aug 3, 12 at 2:41am
  • Speaking as a chubby chick, I can appreciate that. It's like "fuck, I thought I was getting away with this." apparently not.

    Submitted by Authiel on Aug 2, 12 at 1:31pm
  • I actually agree with OP's idea. It's acceptable today to publicly shame smokers, although twenty, thirty years ago that would have been unheard of. How much longer until it is acceptable to point out an equally unhealthy lifestyle?

    Submitted by antisocialal on Aug 6, 12 at 2:45am