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  • Submitted by Nanner25 on Aug 3, 12 at 5:46pm

    A "Slutterfly" if you will.

  • Submitted by smumoi on Jul 30, 12 at 4:46pm

    She nailed it here..., there..., everywhere..., actually.

  • Submitted by sunlitmidnight on Jul 31, 12 at 12:50pm

    Sounds like my kinda guy!

  • Submitted by WrongNumber69 on Jul 30, 12 at 7:32pm

    Did your cacoon resemble an avacado?

  • Submitted by blahshutup on Jul 30, 12 at 6:23pm

    When she said "I do", I should've said with who?! Lol

  • Submitted by  on Jul 31, 12 at 9:01pm