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  • Submitted by kin_in_in on Jul 21, 12 at 3:55pm

    That wasn't an ottoman, it was a Turk, and he's pissed.

  • Submitted by jewsuskrist on Jul 21, 12 at 8:17pm

    Just added something to my dorm shopping list... Ottoman

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    Submitted by skaternotahater on Jul 22, 12 at 5:20am

    Ha ha, pissed

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    Submitted by Ashley312 on Jul 22, 12 at 4:11am

    Honestly, nothing better than this!

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    Submitted by Oh_God_I_did_wha on Jul 21, 12 at 5:54pm

    That is the best idea ever.

  • Submitted by andstuff on Jul 22, 12 at 8:57am

    that's actually how your bowels are meant to release. . . think of cave men squatting, your knees should be above your hips, strange things i know because of the discovery channel

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    Submitted by wndwalkr99 on Aug 19, 12 at 8:54am

    Get a squat toilet