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  • Copy paste these words to a text to's ok MDMA is nice when used right

    Submitted by grandmasboy on Jul 21, 12 at 5:22pm
  • send your mom and sisters a copy of the documentary The Cove and they wont want to swim with them anymore

    Submitted by lusian3 on Jul 21, 12 at 6:01pm
    • that is awful. that movie is about a tragedy. if less people swam with them at parks and wanted to see them in the oceans maybe thousands wouldn't die every year!!!!

      Submitted by MzKitty08 on Jul 21, 12 at 11:39pm
    • You cant tell but the one getting her head cut off... Shes pretty hot

      Submitted by Madcritter on Jul 22, 12 at 7:58pm
  • I know It's fucked up but happens. You r not alone

    Submitted by dinolady on Jul 21, 12 at 8:27pm
  • Leave out the rolling part.

    Submitted by grizzlewhisker on Jul 22, 12 at 11:14am
  • tell her that.

    Submitted by stonerchick69 on Jul 21, 12 at 3:07pm